The things the Arizona sun will make some people think of,,,

Pinks All Out Tucson winner


Street legal and street driven (and I do mean street driven A LOT), a best so far (in 2002)  with the curent package is 12. 28 @ 106 through the mufflers, in street trim, on pump gas.

The truck has been through lots of changes in the past few years. When built it was a nitrous boosted 355 and pushed the 3280 pound  beast to a best of 11.73 @ 116, then came the 383 roller motor, best of 11.86 @ 111 while toasting the direct clutches in the TH350 trans. Both were under the 12.0 tech allowed due to not bringing the rear cage supports up to the main hoop. The goal was to keep the cage and all out of sight below the bed line and not hack up the back of the cab.

The  6" rod 383 roller motor had an impressive first pass considering it was toasting the direct clutches in the trans. I got close to matching the previous N2o Boosted 350 motor. By the beginning of summer the opprotunity to purchase a tube chassis 1964 Nova presented it's self. The 383 roller went into the 2900 pound Nova and has been turning 10.50's @ 126 with no tunning. The  truck went on the back burner for a while getting the 355 RPM motor  temporary,,, some minor touch up and the truck went back on the show circut.  For the 2000 Truckin Nationals another 383 went together but all the bugs were just not worked out for any serious passes. Traction problem plauged the only 3 time trials and it turned low 14's (hazing the street tires to 1/2 track') With some freshening and a reconfiguration of the small block the 2001 Truckin Nationals brought 12.4's @ 109 in the VERY warm Arizona October (95 degrees)


The nitrous is long gone now, and the construction shot of the back half shows the MT 33"x 17" street tires that were replaced with Hoosier Quicktime's for street duty and a set of Goodyear Eagle slicks for the track, now it has a set of Hoosier 33x22.50-15 QuickTime Pros  (DOT slicks). AUSOME tires!

Just can't leave things alone,,


 For the 2001 Trucking Nationals a new motor went together, 385 cu. in. , 10.6:1 flat top motor, Zero deck,  SRP pistons, GM "X" rods,  nodular iron crank, AFR 210 heads, Hydraulic roller cam (234/242 @ 0.050, .539/.558 lift) Hydrarev kit, supervictor intake and a 4779, 750 Holley. A sweet street motor that has pushed the truck to 12.44 @ 106 through the mufflers and on DOT tires,,, with a lot of tunning to go.  Looking to get it to the tech limit of 12.00 by the end of the year.

Take a close look at the graphics that make up the flames. Nothing but different sizes of 'Bowties"

It has placed second at all three shows it's been in,,,, I offered to continue the competition with the winner at the 1/4 mile track,,, no takers.

Just a note, this entire project is a back yard build, from the back half frame work to bright work in the bed, including the bc/cc paint. Nothing other than the 9" c-section was farmed out to a pro shop. When we bought the truck, it was a retired farm truck that had been "T" boned by a John Deer and shouved into an irrigation ditch. All that's left of the hulk we originally bought is the drivers door, the cab shell and the frame rails from the back of the cab to the front bumper.